Here are some questions that customers ask us, and the answers.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Not all our staff have card readers set up. But they can send you an email with a link to pay online.

Do you require payment at the time of service, or can you leave a bill for me?

Our policy is to collect payment at the time of service. This doesn’t always work for commercial customers, like builders. And we do make exceptions.

For instance, sometimes a customer will have to leave before we can determine the exact price. We would try to come up with a fair price, or we would just leave a bill.  Or a customer may not be home at all. In that case, read the next question.

Do I even have to be home for the appointment?

You don’t have to be home for us to do the job. You could leave a key with a neighbor. Or you could leave us a code to the garage door opener. You could leave a key under the door mat, or somewhere else. We understand that these options may make you uncomfortable, and we completely understand. So it always is best if you are home. But with our busy lives these days, it is not always possible.

If we’ve done the work for you in the past, or we did an on-site estimate, then we request that you leave payment on the counter or under the door mat. If it’s the first time, and we did an estimate over the phone, we request that you leave us payment for the amount of the estimate. If it ends up being a little more , we will leave a bill for the rest, or we will absorb the difference. If we arrive and can tell that the price is going to be a lot more , we will call your work or cell phone number (assuming you gave it to us) to let you decide what to do from there.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

If we are cleaning the windows, then please take everything (especially fragile things) off the sills. We can move furniture and remove screens, but if you feel like doing this for us, we are very grateful. Please pick up after your pet outside.

If we are going to clean your gutters, please let us know where to dispose of the debris.

What if I have to leave before you are finished inside the house?

If you are going to be right back, you can leave us inside to finish up, or we can work outside until you get back.

If you are not going to be back, we can can lock a door behind us when we exit. Or if you have a automatic garage door opener, we will lock up, and then we will run out the garage door as it closes down behind us.

It’s 12:00, where is my window cleaner?

We usually schedule our window cleaners in a time range. Most service industries (i.e. cable install, appliance repair, etc.) book their appointments this way. We can’t be certain of the exact time that we arrive because jobs earlier in the day are sometimes bigger than expected and because travel time in-between jobs can vary. If we say that we will show up between 12 and 2pm, then we might be there as late as 2 o’clock. If your schedule is so tight that specific times are required, then please let us know when you book the appointment.

We make every effort to call you if we are going to be later than the scheduled time span. Also, if you are not home, and didn’t leave us a note or make prior arrangements, we may feel uncomfortable starting on the outside, for fear that you might not show up at all. Then we’d have to leave a bill for the work we finished, and you may expect us to come out to finish the next day. And our schedules might be too full to accommodate you.

Can I make appointments for many dates in the future, or get reminder calls?

Yes you can. We prefer to do it that way. Then your windows or gutters won’t require extra attention when we do clean them.

If you want reminder calls, just let us know, and we’ll put you on a list . You can choose the frequency of your reminder calls, and you can also ask to be removed from it.

Can you clean windows that are tinted or have a UV film on them?

Yes. But please tell your window cleaner which windows. There are certain chemicals that can not be used, and absolutely no scrapers (razors).