We don’t charge for giving estimates, and we try to do most of them over the phone and from pictures you send via text message. This keeps our operating costs lower, and in-turn allows us to keep our rates reasonable. If we had to go out to every house to estimate the cost, and then come back again when we had time to do the work, we would have to raise our rates or charge to do on-site estimates.

That being said, we often find that some houses are impossible to estimate over the phone. They are often large houses (4500+ sqft.), houses with custom pieces of glass, houses with storm windows, and houses that are brand-new construction. And sometimes we would rather just come out anyway to make sure that we understand exactly what you have in store for us. We don’t charge for this.

Many companies estimate prices based solely on the square footage of your home. We will often give you a basic quote with this same criteria.  But because the amount of window panes versus house square footage can very wildly, you can easily pay more than you need to.

You may have very few windows, or you may have a giant sun-room.  For most jobs, when we are writing your invoice up, we count all the panes of glass in your windows. We use these numbers to more accurately price your window cleaning.  To figure out your pane count click “Pane Counts” in the menus above, or CLICK HERE.

For Soft Wash and Gutter Cleaning, we can usually look online and get you a pretty accurate quote.