The following is a guide to pricing your own window cleaning using a pane count.
It is not necessarily the exact dollar amount.

Current Prices [Updated March 2022]
ItemInside and outOutside only
Regular panes$6.00$4.00
Clear-story (or transom) panes$7.00$4.00
Plastic Skylights$20.00$12.00
Sky-panes$7.00 & up$4.00 & up
French panes$1.80$1.25
Extra dirty conditions will result in an extra charge. This is usually when it’s been a long time since the windows were last cleaned, or work was performed on the house that affected the windows (i.e. gutters blown out, roof cleaning, house washed/painted). Brand new windows are frequently more costly to clean, due to the stickers and adhesives commonly left behind on the glass.

Large panes may count as double (sometimes triple).
Skylights divided inside or out may cost extra.
Removable “Pella” panes and storm windows cost extra.
Clear-story is here defined as a pane that needs a ladder on the inside for us to reach the top.
We charge more for 3-story ladder work.
We charge more if there are inserts (grids, mullions) that need to be removed.
Mirrors cost $3.00 & up
Chandeliers usually cost between $15.00 and $30.00. They can get up to $60.00, and we don’t clean all kinds. NO CRYSTAL.
Screens cost between $2.00 and $5.00, depending on how we clean them. Generally, a wipe down of both sides usually costs $2.00 (good enough for maintaining). And a thorough scrubbing with soapy water with a hose rinse costs $5.00.
Ceiling Fans cost between $12.00 and $30.00. (We can’t always reach them.)
Gutter cleaning prices depend on how much debris there is, how the roof is configured, how high the gutters are, and how many gutters there are. Small to normal sized houses usually cost between $150-$200. Large houses should expect a cost in the $200-275 range.  We normally do a “soft clean”. This means we scoop the debris out by hand or with a pole. Then we put it in your yard-waste-bin or compost pile. If neither of those is available we disperse it into un-landscaped areas of your yard (i.e. natural growth areas or bushes). If the conditions are right, we may elect to use a leaf blower to blow out the gutters. We guarantee our work, so if you have overflow problems after your gutter cleaning, just let us know. If you’re interested in getting the face of your gutters cleaned, give us a call, and we’ll talk about it.
For anything else, or if you have any questions , please contact us.