Customer Service

Do you ever receive great customer service?
I just did today. So, I  thought I’d give Ettore a pat on the back for it.

This company is one of the top names in Window Cleaning supplies and innovation.  I buy a lot of their stuff.  But their customer service is what has me coming back for more.

I have bought a few new squeegee handles in the last few years.  You can buy a basic one (handle only, without the channel and rubber) for around $6-7. Or you can buy a really fancy one for $25. There are other options in between.

One of my favorite expensive handles is the Ettore Contour Pro+ (pictured in this post). Recently one of my workers was adjusting the spring tension and over loosened it. The nut and bracket fell off and got lost.  The squeegee became unusable right away.

I bought a replacement handle from my supplier.  But the broken handle sat on my desk and mocked me. Sure, I could get a locking nut at my local hardware store. But, I couldn’t get the custom bracket that was lost. So after a month, I finally called Ettore customer service.

The representive was on the line right away.  I explained the situation, and she quickly exceeded my expectations.  I was asking if I could purchase the bracket and nut to fix my squeegee. I guessed they would charge me a couple dollars for the parts, and maybe $5 for shipping.

So what did she do? She offered to send out the bracket and nut for free. But she was unsure if she could even fulfill that order. So, in the event that she couldn’t order me the parts, she said she would send me a new handle. All of this at no charge!  And to think, I almost didn’t bother calling in.

Thanks Ettore!